For admission, please come to the Amission Office (Švejda Pavilion, 2nd floor) on the specified day between 8 AM and 11 AM.

What you need to get admitted to our hospital:

  • Identity card, health insurance card.
  • Name and address of your general practitioner.
  • Certificate of incapacity for work (sick note) if it has been issued to you.
  • Results of your previous medical examinations.
  • Toiletries and personal hygiene items, shoes to change into, pajamas and a bathrobe - if you want to wear your own.

Do not take to the hospital:

  • Large sums of money.
  • Deposit books and credit cards.
  • Jewelry and other valuables.
  • Live flowers to surgical departments.

Valuable items and money:

  • We recommend you to take only a smaller amount of money (maximum CZK 500) for small purchases and no valuables.
  • You can store your valuable items and money in the institute depository. You will receive a written document of remand against which the items will be issued to you when you are to be discharged from our hospital. Our hospital shall not be liable for the loss of items which are freely accessible or stored out of their designated place.

2Daily hospital regime

The daily regime of your hospitalization follows a regimen of a given department. If you have any questions, please, check with the general nurse.

The MMCI Internal rules regulate rights and obligations of patients and other persons during provision of health services. It is available in several language editions.


A medically prescribed diet is part of your treatment. For selected types of diets, you can choose from two dishes.


The patient can be visited daily from 2 PM to 8 PM.

Visits outside the defined hours are possible after consultation with chief physician.

The above mentioned visiting hours do not apply to the Department of Anaesthesiology. Visits are allowed to the closest family members and the length is adapted to the health and condition of the patient.


The Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute, as a signatory to the National Cancer Control Programme of the Czech Republic, unequivocally supports the smoking restrictions and regulations on its premises, whether it concerns employees, patients or other persons staying on the premises of the Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute. Smoking is prohibited on the MMCI site, except in places reserved for smoking.

Places reserved for smoking:
  • a small terrace next to a connecting bridge between Švejda and Masaryk Pavilion,
  • a space near a connecting bridge between Werner and Bakeš Pavilion (open in summer from 6 AM to 8 PM).

In addition, there is a smoking area for employees by a bottom entrance gate (from Tomešova Street).

All smoking areas are marked with signs.


Patients are usually discharged in the morning. Your attending physician informs you about the date of your discharge. He/she also provides you with information on the method and possibilities of further potential care and prepares a discharge note for the physician who recommended you for hospitalization.

If your valuables or money are in the institute depository, please be sure to pick it up against a receipt.

If it is possible, please arrange your own transport from our hospital.

7Internet WiFi

Registration to the system is simple - after connecting your device (phone, tablet, laptop) to the MOU-Free WIFI network, choose the option "Registering a new account" on the home page, enter your phone number according to the model, approve the "Conditions of use of public internet connection in MMCI" and press the Registration button. A text message with login details (name and password) will be sent to the phone number you entered. Insert the sent data in the appropriate fields on the displayed page. You can change the sent password if you comply with the specified conditions. The login name cannot be changed.

The login data are valid for 6 months. After this time, you will need to re-register.

Note: Registration cannot be done via the website. The registration page only appears when you connect to the MOU-Free WiFi network.

Czech version of conditions

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