For admission, please visit the Admission Office located on the second floor of the Švejda Pavilion. We kindly request that you arrive on the specified day between 8 AM and 11 AM.

To ensure a smooth admission process to our hospital, please bring the following items/documents with you:

  • Identity card
  • Health insurance card,
  • Name and address of your general practitioner,
  • Certificate of incapacity for work (sick note) if issued to you,
  • Results of your previous medical examinations,
  • Additionally, it's helpful to bring toiletries and personal hygiene items, as well as shoes, pajamas, and a bathrobe if you prefer to wear your own.

Please refrain from bringing the following items to the hospital:

  • Large sums of money,
  • Deposit books and credit cards,
  • Jewelry and other valuables,
  • Live flowers to surgical departments.

Regarding valuable items and money:

We recommend bringing only a small amount of money (maximum CZK 500) for minor purchases and leaving valuables at home for safekeeping.

You have the option to store your valuable items and money in the institute depository for safekeeping during your hospital stay.
Upon depositing your items, you will receive a written document as a receipt. These items will be returned to you upon discharge from our hospital, upon presentation of the receipt.
It's important to note that our hospital cannot be held liable for the loss of items that are freely accessible or stored outside of their designated place.

2Daily Hospital Regime

The daily routine during your hospitalization follows the schedule set by your specific department. If you have any questions or need clarification, please don't hesitate to consult with the general nurse.

Additionally, the Internal Rules of MMCI outline the rights and obligations of patients and others involved in the provision of health services. These rules are available in several language editions for your reference.


A medically prescribed diet is part of your treatment. For selected types of diets, you can choose from two dishes.


Patients may receive visitors daily from 2 PM to 8 PM.
Visits outside of these designated hours are only permitted after consultation with the chief physician.

Please note that the specified visiting hours do not apply to the Department of Anesthesiology. In this department, visits are permitted for the closest family members, and the duration of the visit is adjusted according to the patient's health and condition.


Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute, as a signatory to the National Cancer Control Program of the Czech Republic, fully endorses smoking restrictions and regulations on its premises.
This policy applies to all individuals, including employees, patients, and visitors.

Smoking is strictly prohibited on the MMCI site, except in designated areas reserved for smoking. Thank you for respecting the rules.

The designated areas for smoking at MMCI are as follows:

  •  Smoking booth outdoors on the lawn near the Masaryk Pavilion. The area is marked with a sign that reads "smoking area".


Patients are typically discharged in the morning, and the attending physician will inform you of the specific discharge date. Your physician will also discuss with you the method and options for any further necessary care and will prepare a discharge note for the referring physician.

If you have any valuables or money stored in the institute depository, please ensure to collect them along with a receipt.

Additionally, if feasible, please make arrangements for your transportation from MMCI.

7Internet Wi-Fi

Registering for the Wi-Fi system is straightforward. Once you connect your device (phone, tablet, laptop) to the MOU-Free WIFI network, follow these steps:

  • Choose the option ‘Registering a new account’ on the home page.
  • Enter your phone number according to the model.
  • Approve the ‘Conditions of use of public internet connection in MMCI’.
  • Press the Registration button.
  • A text message containing your login details (username and password) will be sent to the phone number you provided. Enter this information in the appropriate fields on the displayed page. If you wish to change the password, you can do so as long as you comply with the specified conditions. Please note that the login name cannot be changed.

The login data provided are valid for a period of 6 months. After this duration, you will need to re-register to continue accessing the Wi-Fi network.

Please note that registration cannot be completed via the website. The registration page will only appear when you connect to the MOU-Free Wi-Fi network.

Czech version of conditions


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