Price lists

On this page, you can access the price lists for procedures and services offered at MMCI.

Price lists contain prices for self-payers – e.g. for cases NOT covered by insurance companies.

1Basic Price lists

Price list of individual examinations for self-payers, with separate rates for working days and non-working days, including weekends and bank holidays.


This section provides a price list for Preventive examination packages, offering various options such as one-time or repeating examinations, with or without X-rays. Prices vary based on whether the self-payer prefers examination on a working or non-working day.

3Additional Services

At MMCI, we provide a range of additional services, including various examinations, traineeships, courses, and excursions. You can download the following price lists for these services:

  • Second opinion provided by an MMCI physician,
  • tariffs for administrative activities,
  • activities of the Ethics Committee,
  • tariffs for administrative procedures,
  • examination for professional drivers,
  • renting compensatory aids and movable property,
  • tariffs for provision of professional traineeships, courses, excursions, and internships at the MMCI.

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