Foreign nationals and self-payers

As a rule in oncology, the earlier a cancer is detected, the better are treatment results and the lower is overall treatment complexity.

First stages of cancer are usually curable.

We should always monitor our health, so that we could detect a pre-tumor condition or malignant tumor at the time when it does not cause any problems yet. This is exactly the purpose of Preventive check-ups and Oncologic screening.

You should care for your body in the same way as you care for your own property.

Service and insurance
of your car cost

CZK 10,000
per year

Household insurance and maintenance cost

CZK 7,000
per year

Extending your life costs

CZK 6,500

1Information for foreign nationals and self-payers

If you are a foreigner or you do not have Czech public health insurance, we will agree with you on method of payment for services provided by the Masaryk Oncology Institute (hereinafter referred to as the MMCI), arrange a visit to MMCI doctor and provide you the needed assistance with all the necessary administration related to your treatment in our medical facility.

How to do it?

  1. If you want to schedule an appointment at the outpatient clinic at MMCI, please, contact a doctor at our Consultation outpatients´ department (telephone +420 543 135 809). The doctor will help you to arrange an appointment for your examination at MMCI.
  2. When arriving at MMCI, please, register at the Central Patient Evidence, which is found at Švejda Pavillon (in Czech: Švejdův pavilon) on the second floor.
  3. After that, you will be referred to the Insurance Companies office (in Czech: Úsek zdravotních pojišťoven), which is found at the underground floor of Masaryk hall (in Czech: Masarykův pavilon). The office is located behind the cash desk and under the headquarters.
  4. The Insurance Company office will present you with the Contract for Payment for Care and agree on means of payment.
  5. The payment can be done by several methods; we accept both cash and credit cards. Upon agreement, payment could be done also by wire transfer to our bank account.

If you are an EU citizen and you have a valid European healthcare insurance document or a similar document, or an S2 document proving approval of requested care, do not forget to bring these documents with you to the Health Insurance office.

  • Treatment costs can be covered by insurance in your home country or in the country of your health insurance.
  • If you are a foreigner but have Czech national health insurance, then same rules apply on you as on Czech insured persons.


You can contact us at the contacts listed below. Consultation over the phone is possible on working days on Mon-Fri between 7 AM and 3 PM.

You can contact us by email. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Central Switchboard

T +420 543 131 111

Consultation Outpatients’ Department

T +420 543 135 809

Health Insurance Companies Unit

T +420 543 131 316, +420 543 131 317
E [obfuscate_1_|116|106|119|109|58|108|102|114|43|93|121]

In case you have any questions do not hesitate to contact your treating doctor.

More contacts here

3Health Insurance Companies Unit

Health Insurance Companies Unit (ÚsZP) ensures control, processing, invoicing and handover of documents for provided health services for contractual partners of the institute, health insurance companies and other clients. It also ensures correction of the documents for provided health services rejected by health insurance companies.

Mon-Fri 7.00–15.30

T +420 543 131 316, +420 543 131 326, +420 543 131 317

Head of the Unit: Ing. Radka Černá

4Orientation Plan

Health Insurance companies Unit
Masaryk Pavillon, basement (under the headquarters)

Central Register
Švejda Pavillon 2nd floor

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