Mision, Vision and Aims of MMCI

Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute Mission

We are a unique and the largest cancer centre in the Czech Republic, in which highly specialized medical services, excellent research and education in the field of prevention, diagnostics and treatment of solid tumors are concentrated. Multidisciplinary cooperation, respect to rights and a partner approach to the patients and their relatives are our characteristics which contribute to the success of Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute.

The Institute is a directly managed organisation of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, it acts as the main coordinator of oncological care for adults with solid tumors for the South Moravian Region and in cooperation with the University Hospital Brno and St. Anne’s University Hospital creates a joint Comprehensive Cancer Centre, which has the status of a National Cancer Centre in the network of Czech comprehensive cancer centres.

We are an internationally recognized institution, an accredited member of the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI), a member of European Reference Networks for rare adult solid cancers (EURACAN) and hereditary cancer syndromes (GENTURIS). Our international status guarantees that the patients receive care in the same way they would in all other important European cancer centres.


Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute Vision

The vision is for the Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute (MMCI) to be a thriving and excellent centre of international excellence that plays a significant role in cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, research and education. MMCI as a reliable partner of citizens in health and illness. MMCI as an independent legal entity cooperating with the external environment for the benefit of all participants in the health system.

Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute Aims

  1. To continue being the leading cancer centre in the Czech Republic in terms of research and in the transfer of innovations and research results into clinical practice both in the field of diagnostics and treatment and in the field of cancer prevention.
  2. To strengthen the status of Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute within the international expert community, especially through active membership in international organizations and infrastructures, international mobility of the staff and excellent results of clinical and scientific work in MMCI.
  3. Within the National Cancer Centre Brno and the Regional Cancer Group of the South Moravia region, to create conditions for a functional network of complex oncological care, which actively coordinates the patient’s journey through the region and provides stable and high-quality care based on professional approach and multidisciplinary cooperation.
  4. To continuously improve the quality and safety of the provided healthcare through the implementation of national and international standards and continuous modernization of the MMCI workplaces.
  5. To apply the model of care oriented on the needs of cancer patients created within the INTENT project and to keep developing this model using the results of evaluations acquired from patients and their relatives.
  6. To build new facilities and to expand the range of provided services for prevention, diagnostics and treatment of cancers including supportive and palliative care.
  7. To fully electronize and digitize the management, documentation and communication processes inside and outside of MMCI and to expand the building of AI-based supporting systems.
  8. To be an economically ad personally stable institution with a healthy corporate culture. To provide employees with good conditions for their work, personal development and professional growth.
  9. To participate in education and training of experts from all oncological fields in cooperation with the Masaryk University, National Centre for Nursing and Non-Medical Healthcare Fields and with other key partners.

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