prof. MUDr. Marek Svoboda, Ph.D.

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  • Director General of Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute
  • Physician of the Department of Comprehensive Oncological Care and the Department of Genetics and Cancer Epidemiology
  • Member of The Czech Society for Oncology
  • Member of the Design and Accreditation Committee of the Organization of European Cancer Institutes (OECI)
  • Mission on Cancer Board Member

Professor of oncology and director general of the MMCI, the Czech National Cancer Centre and a full member of the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI). Professor Svoboda is a board-certified medical oncologist and medical geneticist active in clinical practice as well as clinical and translational research. His main areas of expertise are breast and colorectal cancer genetics and prevention, and his research group currently studies impact of the ER stress on tumour immune status, immunoediting and effectiveness of immunotherapy in renal and ovarian cancer. He published more than 130 research papers (h-index 37).

In his career, Prof. Svoboda has successfully combined various research, clinical and managerial activities. As a member of the Czech Oncology Society, he has been involved in the development of the national guidelines. His qualities have been recognised internationally. Prof. Svoboda is a member of the Accreditation and Designation Committee in the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes and in 2022, he was selected as a member of the Horizon Europe "Cancer Mission" expert board. Marek Svoboda is the Director of BBMRI-CZ research infrastructure network. He also combines both the research and clinical practice (in 2022 he was named as one of TOP medical doctors in the Czech Republic according to Forbes) which enables him direct translation of research results into the practice.

In 2023 was awarded by the President of the Czech Republic with a Medal for Merit of the 1st Grade in the field of science, which is one of the highest awards in the Czech Republic.

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