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    Links to the 3 basic screening programs of the Czech Republic:


    Give preventive examination.

     Dárkový poukaz


    Two MMCI Preventive Care Programs


    1. Individualized Extended Preventive Examination

    The first program called “Individualized Extended Preventive Examination” employs data from the National Oncological Registry and gives its clients a high percentage of security that the they do not suffer from a malignant tumor in a stage where it could be diagnosed. The cost of this set of examinations reaches up to between 5000 and 7000 Czech Crowns, depending on whether the client actually chooses to undergo all examinations suggested by the physician.

    The examination procedure is individually designed as the physician arranges the spectrum of diagnostic methods based on the client’s personal history and family health history, his/her sex and age. In doing so the physician also considers data from the National Oncological Registry regarding the frequency of various types of malignancies in patients of certain sex and age. Thus, the examination it is individually tailored for each participant.

    Appointments for this program can be made via telephone on numbers 543 136 136 and 543 135 214 or e-mail at

    2. Oncological Preventive Care for Everyone

    The second program named “Oncological Preventive Care for Everyone” includes an integral spectrum of basic examinations aimed at the most frequent oncological diagnoses. The complete procedure takes approximately 90 minutes and costs 4400 Czech Crowns (neither of the programs is covered by health insurance).


    Appointments for this program can be made via telephone on numbers 543 136 136 and 543 135 214 or e-mail at In the written appointment request please state your date of birth, address and telephone number.


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