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    Cancer in the Czech Republic gets sick
    every 6 minutes
    one person
    Cancer does not select. You or your loved ones can also get sick.

    We offer comprehensive Preventive cancer program for everyone.


    is the most effective drug against cancer.

    ... and Dominik Hasek
    also knows.

    Do you appreciate your health and the health of your loved ones?

    Early detection of cancer increases success of treatment by up to 100% and can save your life

    How much do you value a year of your life?

    We offer comprehensive cancer examination only for 5 000 CZK

    Service and your car insurance annually: 10 000 CZK
    Insurance and maintenance of housekeeping annually: 7 000 CZK
    To extend your life: 5 000 CZK

    Have not you interest on preventive examination?

    Give us a few seconds and let us know why. Help us to improve our offer.

    Do not be afraid of preventive examination

    Vše řešíme s úsměvem

    Calculate your risk of cancer

    You give us (stating of email address) permission to send information messages about cancer prevention.


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