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    Links to the 3 basic screening programs of the Czech Republic:


    Give preventive examination.

     Dárkový poukaz


    Donations to the MMCI


    Financial gift:

    Gift in cash is possible at the cash desk of Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute in Masaryk Building. You will be given a recepit confirming your gift, including the amount and purpose.

    Cash desk opening hours:

    7:00-12:00, 12:30-14:30


    Other financial donations please through bank account of MMCI in Brno only using written donation contract. You can download the form below. Send the filled and signed donation contract in two copies to: Legal and Personnel Department, Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute, Žlutý kopec 7, 65653 Brno.

    Bank account number is in the contract, however we can repeat it: 87535621/0100. Please, use 001190 as variable symbol (VS). When the conctract is signed, you will recieve one copy of the contract.


    Material gift:

    Material gifts can be donated based on written donation contract and preceding consent of the MMCI. The contract form can be dowloaded below.


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