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    About our hospital

    Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute (MMCI) in Brno is a specialized comprehensive cancer  center with supraregional activity that is certified by two quality certificates – by Joint Commission International (JCI) and Joint Accreditation Commission of the Czech Republic (SAK ČR).

    The institute concentrates all essential branches of medicine to ensure complex oncological care, including prevention, epidemiologics, diagnostics, and particular modalities of cancer treatment and physiotherapy.

    Focusing on research and scientific activities including basic research, the institute is also involved in pregradual and postgradual education of doctors and other healthcare professionals as well as popular science activities aimed at wide public.

    Annually, almost 10000 patients are hospitalized in the institute and 200000 people pass through the ambulatories.

    On Žlutý kopec, the newest approaches in surgery of tumors are applied in Werner building and up-to-date approach is characteristic also for the radiotherapy in Masaryk building. At present time, the newest methods in systemic therapy (cytostatics, hormonal therapy, targeted therapy) are used in the institute, which takes part in European and global clinical evaluations testing the efficacy and safety of new drugs, methods or their combinations.


    In long-term, both the professionals and the patients rate the institute among the best healthcare organizations in the Czech Republic.


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